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1. Uniarts Helsinki library

Uniarts Helsinki library has three locations: Sörnäinen Campus Library (Academy of Fine Arts and Theatre Academy) and Töölö Campus Library (Sibelius Academy) in Helsinki, and Kuopio Library in Kuopio. Contact information. [email protected] Find what you’re looking for.

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2. Uniarts Exhibition Laboratory

Sörnäisten rantatie 19, 00530 Helsinki. Avoinna ti–su klo 11–18. Vapaa pääsy. Project Room. Lönnrotinkatu 35, 00180, Helsinki. Avoinna ti–su klo 11–18. Vapaa pääsy . Tilaa uutiskirje Saavutettavuusseloste. [email protected]© Taideyliopisto ...

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4. Faculty of Arts | University of Helsinki

At the Faculty of Arts you can complete a degree in 6 Bachelor’s, 18 Master’s and 11 Doctoral programmes. The University of Helsinki scores highly in international comparisons of research and teaching in the humanities: it is among the leading Nordic …

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5. Home - INTRO - for the new student at Uniarts Helsinki ...

In the Uniarts Helsinki you will be part of the university community consisting of the three academies. At the same time, you are a student at one of the three academies of the university and a member in smaller groups gathered around your own speciality. We wish you warmly welcome to our community!

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6. Taideyliopiston kirjasto

27.9.2021 · Taideyliopiston kirjasto tarjoaa palveluitaan kolmessa eri toimipisteessä: Helsingissä Töölön (Sibelius-Akatemia) ja Sörnäisten (Kuvataideakatemia ja Teatterikorkeakoulu) kampuskirjastoissa sekä Kuopion kirjastossa.

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Home - INTRO - for the new student at Uniarts Helsinki ...

8. University of the Arts Helsinki - Wikipedia

The University of the Arts Helsinki (Finnish: Taideyliopisto, Swedish: Konstuniversitetet), also known as Uniarts Helsinki, is a Finnish arts university that was launched in the beginning of 2013. Apart from a few exceptions, it is the only university in Finland that provides education in the fields it represents.
The University of the Arts Helsinki is located mainly in Helsinki, but it also has operat…

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9. Uniarts Helsinki | Highest level of arts education in Finland

Uniarts Helsinki is an international forerunner in education and research in the field of arts and strengthens the role of art as a force that reforms society. Established in 2013, Uniarts Helsinki consists of the Academy of Fine Arts, Sibelius Academy and Theatre Academy.

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10. Taideyliopisto | Taiteen ylintä koulutusta Suomessa

Taideyliopisto tarjoaa ylintä musiikin, kuvataiteen, teatterin ja tanssin koulutusta Suomessa. Taideyliopisto on taidealojen koulutuksen ja tutkimuksen kansainvälinen suunnannäyttäjä, joka vahvistaa taidetta yhteiskuntaa uudistavana voimana.

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11. Home - Artsequal - Uniarts Sites

9.1.2021 · Artsequal research initiative. The ARTSEQUAL research initiative, coordinated by the University of the Arts Helsinki, examines the arts as public service, with equality as the starting point, and explores how the arts can meet the social challenges of the 2020s. The intitiative is financed by the Academy of Finlands Strategic Research Council.

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12. University of Helsinki

Collaborate with us! The University of Helsinki is located in Finland. It is the oldest and largest institution of academic education in the country. The university is an international scientific community of 40,000 students and researchers. In international university rankings, the University of Helsinki typically ranks among the top 100.

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13. Uniarts Sites - Facilities and systems - INTRO - for the ...

Uniarts Helsinki processes your personal data e.g. when we save information concerning students’ registration for the academic year, course registrations, completed courses, credit transfer, student exchange, degrees, and when we compile or print out certificates and transcripts of academic records.

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15. University of the Arts Helsinki | University Info | 38 ...

Uniarts Helsinki is ranked among the best performing arts schools in the world and offers the highest education in fine arts, music, dance and theatre in an inspiring multidisciplinary environment. Studies within the university’s academies and joint studies provide students with tools and capabilities to work as art professionals. 38 Bachelors.

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16. Quarter-Tone Piano - Quartertonepiano - Uniarts Sites

The development of the new quarter-tone piano has been a multistage process. First, a single-octave prototype was built by piano tuner Matti Kyllönen in 2011. Finnish carpenter Otso Haapamäki created the prototype for a full-sized keyboard, and, in 2015, he built a keyboard for the Sibelius Academy. Initially, the aim was to build an acoustic ...

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17. University of the Arts Helsinki - Home | Facebook

University of the Arts Helsinki. July 9 at 8:17 AM ·. Academy of Fine Arts has two Master’s programmes open for applications between 12-28 August. One of them is the Praxis Masters programme in Exhibition Studies. Here a recent Praxis graduate, Mariliis Rebane, talks about her time at Uniarts Helsinki. https://bit.ly/3duGg1c.

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18. play online - Quartertonepiano - Uniarts Sites

UNIARTS HELSINKI play online - Quartertonepiano. Navigation: Play the Quarter-Tone Piano! Please refresh the page if you do not see any keyboard. (Note: You can now change the keyboard-tuning and alternate between 24-edo, 22-edo and 31-edo temperaments.) Back to home page.

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19. Uniarts Helsinki - YouTube

Uniarts Helsinki is an international university which provides the highest level of education in the arts in Finland, and engages in artistic activities and research.

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20. University of the Arts Helsinki (Fees & Reviews): Finland ...

Fulfilling Uniarts Helsinki’s strategy and vision - in accordance with the agreed-upon values. This means that our university is taking determined steps towards shared goals. The objectives and results of the quality management work are described in the university’s quality system, which entails a set of different kinds of practical tools and a mindset that encourages ongoing development ...

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