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1. nastasusann - uiah.fi

Publication series of the University of Industrial Arts Helsinki UIAH B 7, 1987, 176-180. Vihma, Susann: Product Form - a Semiotic Approach. In: Vihma, S. (ed.): Semantic Visions in Design. Publication series of the University of Industrial Arts Helsinki UIAH A 7, 1990, f1-f7.

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2. Admissions and education | University of Helsinki

Find out more about the Bachelor’s, Master’s and Doctoral programmes at the University of Helsinki. You can also join us as an exchange or visiting student or complete university-level …

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3. artisti.uiah.fi

Google-search on TaiK

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5. InSEA Finland - Information - uiah.fi

The University of Art and Design Helsinki UIAH gives education and pursues research in the fields of design, audiovisual communication, art education and arts. There are eleven departments and seventeen fields of education and research. University of Art and Design UIAH Department of Art Education Hämeentie 135 C FIN-00560 Helsinki Finland

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6. Elokuvantaju

Elokuvantaju on elokuvatuotannon verkko-oppimateriaali. Palvelu on tarkoitettu elokuvailmaisun perusteiden opiskeluun, mutta se toimii myös portaalina niin elokuva-alan ammattilaisille kuin ensimmäisen kameransa ostaneille.

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The University of Art and Design Helsinki - responding to ...

8. NoiseCity Helsinki Saturday, 14th of January, 20:30 at ...

Terzic has developed his own unique style of new electronic music. Terzics music ranges from glitchy crackles, through processed pop, to hard, loud noise.Ibrahim Terzic currently resides and works in Helsinki, Finland. Koray Tahiroglu Koray Tahiroglu is a sound artist, grew up in Istanbul and moved to Helsinki in 2000 to study at Media Lab UIAH.

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9. The University of Art and Design Helsinki - uiah.fi

UIAH, the University of Art and Design Helsinki, has approximately 1,500 students in various degree programmes and a staff of 400 teachers.We work in facilities renovated in the former Arabia ceramics factory, renowned in the history of Finnish design. Over 200 international students, in the MA degree and in various exchange programmes and representing some thirty nationalities, are admitted ...

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10. University of Art and Design Helsinki UIAH

The main part of UIAH is situated in the Arabia Building in Hämeentie 135, a 15-minute bus ride from the centre. The Department of Film and Television is situated in centre. Collaboration in home city UIAH co-operates with Theatre Academy, Academy of Fine Arts, Sibelius Academy, University of Helsinki and Helsinki University of Technology ...

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11. University of Helsinki

Collaborate with us! The University of Helsinki is located in Finland. It is the oldest and largest institution of academic education in the country. The university is an international scientific community of 40,000 students and researchers. In international university rankings, the University of Helsinki typically ranks among the top 100.

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12. InSEA On Sea 2003 - uiah.fi

Departure to Helsinki by boat at 17.00 pm ( overnight ) MONDAY August 4th 2003 : Arrival at Helsinki 09.00 am : Keynote presentations and parallel sessions: LUME Centre at the University of Art and Design UIAH : Reception in Helsinki: City Of Helsinki Hotel night in Helsinki: TUESDAY August 5th 2003: Paper presentations and parallel sessions ...

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13. Heidi Tikka - uiah.fi

Researcher, Media Lab UIAH. INSTALLATIONS: Mother, Child Interactive video projection, 2000, in conjunction with F2F New Wight Gallery at UCLA, Los Angeles, USA, 2000 PUBLICATIONS AND PRESENTATIONS: The Space of Gallery Summary of the licentiate thesis work in Haunted Spaces, ed. Eeva Kurki, Working Papers F12, UIAH, Helsinki EXHIBITIONS:

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Bill Gavers lecture at UIAH, Helsinki 28.02.2002. Notes by Minna Tarkka. Vocabulary for ludic design. 1. Home. Home life is usually conceived as a cycle of working, consuming and relaxing, and home technologies are supposed to help us to perform these activities.

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15. Inquiry through practice: developing appropriate research ...

Inquiry through Practice: developing appropriate research strategies © Carole Gray, 1996 No Guru, No Method?, UIAH, Helsinki 80 70 60 50 40 30 20 10

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16. Pelit, tietokone ja ihminen

00560 Helsinki [email protected] Pasi Hytönen, Aki Kivelä Wizbang Productions, Inc. Arabiankatu 2 00560 Helsinki pasi,[email protected] Ohjelmatoimikunta. Timo Honkela, TaiK Media Lab Pasi Hytönen, Wizbang Aki Kivelä, Wizbang Risto Lahdelma, VTT Energia Veli-Pekka ...

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17. Opetusohjelma 2006-2007 - uiah.fi

Kieliopinnot järjestää Helsingin yliopiston kielikeskus. ... Erityistä: Ennakkoilmoittautuminen sähköpostitse [email protected],koska intensiivijakso alkaa jo syksyn ensimmäisellä viikolla Viikko 36 (4.9.-8.9.2006) Workshop in my eyes__in your eyes Photogaphy ...

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18. Aalto-Universität – Wikipedia

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19. Noise City Helsinki

Mlab / UIAH Helsinki contributes to the Arts Birthday 2005 celebration by organizing Noise City Helsinki electro-acoustic music event on Saturday 15th of January at KOKO Teatteri. Noise City Helsinki aims at creating a possibility for the participants of the event to experience different types of city waves transforming into sound structures.

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20. Tiina Nordström - Entrepreneur - studio innoike Tiina ...

Turku, West and Inner Finland, Finland25 connections. Join to Connect. studio innoike Tiina Nordström. University of Industrial Arts (UIAH) Helsinki, current Aalto University. Report this profile.

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