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Old Market Hall (Helsinki) - 2021 All You Need to Know ...

2. History - Vanha kauppahalli - Old Market Hall

A new consciousness about food hygiene was the main reason for this, but it was also hoped that the occasionally disorderly market trade would become better organized if moved indoors. The construction of the first indoor hall in Helsinki, the Old Market Hall, was started at …

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3. Old Market Hall (Helsinki) - 2021 All You Need to Know ...

The market hall was close to our hotel and we stopped by on our last day in Helsinki expecting it to be part food hall and part places to eat. From the outside it looks stunning, really lovely old building, but when you get inside its a bit tatty, with only a tiny number of food stalls, ...

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5. Helsinki Food Guide - 2foodtrippers | Food Travel Blog

21.10.2021 · The food hall underneath the Stockmann department store is one of the best places to shop in Helsinki. A modern department store housed in an iconic Art Nouveau building, the Stockmann department store is a mandatory destination for anybody who …

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7. Helsinki food & delicacies | Helsinki This Week

16.10.2021 · Helsinki Food & delicacies Handcrafted delicacies, fresh and high-quality foodstuff, and organic products are the thing in Helsinki’s many market halls and special food stores. Certain places have discounts with Helsinki Card .

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8. Go local in Finnish market halls - thisisFINLAND

Helsinki’s Old Market Hall, recently reopened after a year of renovation, attracts crowds of tourists and locals in search of Finnish food and goods. Photo: Sabrina Salzano Most people want Finnish products, says Elina, who works at the farm stand Sorri in the market hall in the southwestern city of Turku.

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9. The Best Food Markets In Helsinki

9.2.2017 · Hietalahti Food Market has been an institution in Helsinki since 1903, and was reopened as a food hall in 2013 after having served as an antique hall for a few years. In the summer, this food market hall gets added value from the flea market just in front of the market building. Hietalahti Food Market Hall houses restaurants, cafes, and many of its food stalls sell ready-made food.

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11. Top Helsinki Restaurants: 68 Best Local Restaurants in ...

Hietalahti Market Hall. 28. If youre interested in high quality food, this market hall is your place. In addition to ingredients, the market hall is also a perfect place for lunch. You can enjoy tasty soup in Soppakeittiö, fresh shrimps at Räken, perfect burgers ar Roslund and delicious fish dishes at Marja Nätti.

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12. Street Food in Helsinki - Discover Helsinki

14.5.2019 · From food trucks and bikes to people opening their doors on Restaurant Day, there are an incredible amount of options if you know when and where to go! Here’s our guide to some of the best street food fare around town. Summer treats on-the-go . Summer brings street food trucks and food bikes to the streets of Helsinki.

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13. 10 Local Foods You Need to Try in Helsinki

7.4.2017 · Arguably the most well regarded locally caught fish in Helsinki is the Baltic herring. There is even a Baltic herring festival in October every year. At other times of year, the best place to find freshly caught herring is to head to the market hall ( kauppahalli ) on the south harbor and check the fishmongers or restaurants.

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The Helsinki Hall of Culture is a multi-use venue for culture, events, and conferences. The Helsinki Hall of Culture was designed in the 1950s by Alvar Aalto, and the magnificent building exudes the atmosphere of years gone by, providing a fantastic setting for a wide range of events. The refurbished building offers plenty of modern meeting space.

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15. Story Old Market Hall | My Helsinki

Story Old Market Hall. Eteläranta, 00130 Helsinki. Storys portions are prepared on the location in the in-house kitchen. Breakfast omelettes, eggs benedict, porridge and house granola are daily treats. Lunch dishes include homestyle meals, a daily changing meat or fish option, and salads changing weekly according to the season.

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16. City of Helsinki

Helsinki offering dozens of free-of-charge events and activities for children and young people during the autumn break. There are more than 80 events for children and young people in Helsinki during the autumn break week. Most of the autumn break events offered by the City are free of charge and even those that are subject to a fee are affordable.

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17. A Delicious Helsinki Food Tour - Everything You Need To Know

We also sampled a ‘Budapest’ – a cake with walnuts, banana, meringue and lashings of cream! Delicious and beautifully presented, the desserts were a lovely way to round off an indulgent food tour of Helsinki. Needless to say, there wasn’t a millimetre of space left in our …

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18. Hietalahden kauppahalli - Front Page

The hall also offers versatile gifts for all occasions. Warmly welcome to enjoy the atmosphere of the hall! Opening hours: Mon.-Tue. 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. Wed.-Sat. 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. Sun. 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Welcome! Lönnrotinkatu 34, 00180 HELSINKI ...

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19. Where to Eat in Helsinki Finland: Restaurants, Cafes and ...

Helsinki, like many of the Northern Capitals, is one of the most interesting cities in terms of food. Next to starred restaurants there is a lot of street food but in all cases the main ingredients are always very local and seasonal and this is the main element of all Finnish cuisine: a special attention to everything that is produced in the country, with incursions in other cultures but ...

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20. Helsinki Airport Food Hall Concept - Finavia

The Food hall will have a vast range of customers serving both arriving and departing passengers, airport staff and other visistors • Nearly 22 millionpassengers travelled through Helsinki Airport in 2019 and this amount of travellersis estimated to have returned year 2023-2024. • …

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